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iSpy is a video surveillance application. Fortunately, unlike some other similar tools, iSpy allows monitoring various cameras at the same time. Likewise, it lets you connect as many microphones as necessary. These devices can not only be connected via USB but through an IP address as well. The program’s interface is easy to use as there’s sort of a dashboard displaying all the cameras that are currently connected. Clicking on the buttons below each image lets you record the video, take a snapshot or activate a conversation.

The tool is also very convenient in terms of surveillance features. In this regard, it can be set to activate a given alarm when a specified motion threshold value is surpassed. But not only that, you can also establish trigger zones, which are those specific areas you want to watch. Besides, each camera can be scheduled to start monitoring at a given time. Another nice feature is that you can locate your cameras on a map or building plan, which definitely helps planning surveillance coverage.

As a result of an alarm trigger, the application allows you to record video and take a series of snapshots. These captured images can saved on a local folder, uploaded to an FTP server, sent via email or stored on the Cloud. For each capture, the application displays a thumbnail, and, fortunately, it helps you find a specific one applying a filter by date and camera.

All in all, iSpy is an excellent video surveillance application. It is a good thing that you can use most of its features without paying a single dime. However, you need to pay for performing more complex operations, such as controlling the tool remotely.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is relatively easy to use.
  • It allows connecting IP and USB cameras.
  • It supports monitoring several cameras at the same time.
  • It allows setting trigger zones and motion thresholds.
  • It lets you schedule cameras


  • To control the tool remotely, you need to pay
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